Tackling the Problems of Sharp Population Growth in India

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Population growth is a major concern in India. We must understand that it can create unimagined challenges for future generations.

However, the estimates and statistics of population growth in India have been showing a slightly positive picture, but the country’s populace remains a concern for economic and social reasons.

I believe it is the time we must act in order to save the draining resources for future generations as it is influencing our environment and taking us towards our devastation.

According to a report by the United Nations ‘World Population Prospects 2019’, India will overtake China’s populace in less than a decade.

It is an alarming fact that we are about to become a burden for our planet in every aspect. Human activities have already led the entire world to face an adverse situation as we have cut down enough forests, burned fossil fuels and produced greenhouse gases-and caused climate change.

There is an urgent need to restrict the birth rate by educating poor people & helping them understand why family planning is important.

Gyan Anant Vidyalaya

To offer education to the younger generation, we established Gyan Anant Vidyalaya. It provides sustainable learning to students, encouraging them to engage in experiential learning. We offer activities like conservation management, forestry, organic farming, environmental monitoring and mapping and social justice efforts.

Mission Sustainability for Population Stability

Therefore, I began a project named ‘Mission Sustainability: Population V/s Planet’, under the Mobius Foundation partnered with WION TV to educate people about the drastic effect of population growth on our nature & how we can all stabilize it together for a better future and living.

We have also begun an initiative to make people aware of contraception under ‘Project Aakar’ to help people in UP to enjoy a fulfilling life by limiting their families. It is not just helping them live a healthy life, but it is helping them manage an economically balanced lifestyle. 

Change Perception Towards the Girl Child!

It is absolutely fine that we are the first country to obtain family planning advice from the WHO and are advocating it since then. But, we should think about changing our perception towards girl child birth?

People in India are still desiring a male child rather than a girl child. Because of the orthodox mentality, we are giving birth to unwanted girls and getting them to marry early. And we do not focus on educating the girl child. My point is this: if we don’t educate them, then how will they be able to decide on such a crucial point, family planning.    

This discriminatory behaviour towards girls must be reduced if we want a greener and sustainable Earth for our survival in the future.

Population Control Policy by UP Government

On this route, the CM of UP Yogi Adityanath announced: Population Control Policy with the vision to stabilize the growing overpopulation by increasing the accessibility of contraceptives, proper system for safe abortion, better education by reducing the infant mortality rate and nutrition of adolescents.

It also offers immense benefits to its citizens, such as promotions, two extra increments, paternity leave of 12 months with full salary, National Pension Scheme and many more.

However, stabilizing population growth will help us reduce the economic and social pressure as it grows parallel.