Beginning life as a division of Ayurvet Limited (formerly known as Dabur Ayurvet Limited) – India’s leading animal healthcare company- which is into the business of animal healthcare, nutrition and research and development. Alternative Green Energy Solution (AGES) is now a stand-alone company dedicated solely to provide Hydroponic Green Feed throughout the year and also to work towards sustainable energy.

The word hydroponics has been derived from the Greek word where ‘Hydro’ means water and ‘Ponic’ means working, i.e. working water. Plants require 3 things to flourish- water, nutrients & sunlight; Hydroponics is a straightforward way of providing all these nutrients without the need of soil under controlled environment conditions to optimize the growth of plants. Today, hydroponics are used in harsh climates such as deserts, areas with poor soil or in urban areas where high land costs have driven out traditional agriculture. Hydroponic fodder production is probably best-suited to semi-arid, arid, and drought-prone regions of the world, suffering from chronic water shortages or in areas where irrigation infrastructure does not exist. Hydroponic fodder production is a boon for farmers whose soil is rocky and infertile. It is a viable farmer friendly alternative technology for landless farmers for fodder production. Fodders including maize, barley, oats, sorghum, rye, alfalfa and triticale can be produced by hydroponics.

Alternative Green Energy Solution’s (AGES) Hydroponic Technology is: “INDIA’s FIRST HYDROPONICS MACHINE PATENTED, COMMERCIALLY TESTED & APPROVED BY THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.” This technology was conceptualized looking into the environmental concerns that are going to arise before mankind in near time to come i.e.

-Scarcity of land
-Scarcity of water
-Scarcity of manpower
-Pollution of all environmental resources.

Alternative Green Energy Solution (AGES) came out with hydroponics technology that gives solutions for organic feed production range for livestock and agriculture all 365 days a year.