Gyan Anant Vidyalaya was conceptualized and realized in 2020 as one of the two educational projects by the Mobius Foundation group to impart knowledge in an environmentally sustainable approach. Located in the rural area of Hapur, near Village Atrouli, the school boasts a diverse design. The school reflects its unique aim of instilling, inspiring, and addressing the crucial yet arduous task of environmental responsibility.

Gyan Anant Vidyalaya instills education in rural areas by raising awareness about environmental issues. A school is a place that inculcates values and skills to ensure a well-rounded and holistic development in children. Taking an example from nature, it sows new ideas that germinate and develop roots, growing tall and sturdy in the face of adversity. It is a one-of-a-kind space that encompasses the entire universe of knowledge. School addresses an environment in which creative minds congregate, interact with one another, and construct visions of new realities. Many notions of truth and wisdom are challenged and imbibed in this pursuit of knowledge.

As part of this approach, GAV has a diverse design that reflects its unique historical and socio-cultural settings. Besides following the CBSE curriculum, at GAV, we cover various issues such as climate change, renewable energy, recycling, and sustainability. By focusing on the innate strengths of each child and nurturing their social and creative intelligence the school aspires to raise individuals who are curious, creative, reflective, purposeful, responsible, resilient, and self-assured.