Pradip Burman is an influential leader, sworn environmentalist and a crusader of sustainability. He is the grandson of DR. S.K Burman, the founder of India’s largest ayurvedic company, Dabur. Born in a family of innovators and philanthropists, he imbibed the leadership quality and has always been passionately interested in social causes. To pursue his dream of leading the world towards a more sustainable future, Mr. Burman founded Mobius Foundation with the sole objective of environment conservation. He currently serves as the Chairman of Ayurvet Ltd.

His journey started with Dabur India Limited as a Management Trainee in 1968 and flourished over the years to reach an esteemed position with many Award and Honours

Awards and Honours
  1. CII-ITC Sustainability Award 2019
  3. List of ASSOCHAM D&I Award Winners
  4. CII-ITC Sustainability Award 2018 in “Excellence in CSR” Category. (Ayurvet Limited)
  5. GMP+ Certification (Ayurvet Limited)
  6. Financial Leadership Award 2018- Excellence in Finance Transformation (Ayurvet Limited)
  7. Great Place To Work (Januray-December-2018) (Ayurvet Limited)
  8. Delhi’s Best Employer’s Award- 2017 (Ayurvet Limited)
  9. Best Implementing Agency Award for Jal Abhayan (Ayurvet Research Foundation)
  10. Great Place To Work (April, 19-March, 2020) (Ayurvet Limited)
  11. International Poultry Award, 1996
  12. Teri Corporate Environmental Award, 2009
  13. Golden Peacock Innovation Award, 2009
  14. ILDEX India Award, 2009
  15. Agricultural Leadership Award, 2009
  16. The Water Digest –Water Awards, 2009-10
  17. Best Rural Film- Doodh Ka Choor, 2010
  18. Franchise India Agri-Business Award, 2010
  19. Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award (BIS), 2010
  20. CII Agrotech Award for Best Technology, 2010
  21. The Quality Council of India Award in the year, 2011
  22. RMAI Award for Ayurvet Pashujagat Radio Programme, 2012
  23. RMA Award for Best CSR Hygiene for Human and Udder Health, 2012
  24. RMAI Award 5F- New Concept in Agriculture & Dairy, 2013
  25. CII-ITC Sustainability Award, 2013
  26. IIT-BHU Distinguished Alumni Award of Excellence, 2013-14
  27. Assocham Innovation Excellence Award, 2014
  28. Agricultural Leadership Award, 2014
  29. Lifetime Achievement Award for Health through Ayurveda in year, 2014
  30. RMAI Lifetime Achievement Award to Sh. M.J. Saxena, 2016
  31. RMAI Flame Awards Asia, 2016
  32. Best HR Practice by Delhi Management Association, 2016
  33. Influential HR Leader Award, 2016
  34. National Academia Veterinary Science fellowship to Ayurvet, 2017
  35. Delhi Best Employer Award in the category of “Excelling HR Technology” by World HRD Congress, 2017
  36. Great Place to Work Award – Top SME Companies in India, 2017
  37. CSR Leadership Award
  38. Mobius Foundation certified as- “Great Place To Work”
  39. Best Social Development Campaign Of The Year
  40. Platinum Rated IGBC Green School