Pradip Burman: Prolific Leader and Environmentalist

Pradip Burman is an influential leader, sworn environmentalist and a crusader of sustainability. He is the grandson of DR. S.K Burman, the founder of India’s largest ayurvedic company, Dabur. Born in a family of innovators and philanthropists, he imbibed the leadership quality and has always been passionately interested in social causes. To pursue his dream of `leading the world towards a more sustainable future, Mr. Burman founded Mobius Foundation with the sole objective of environment conservation. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of Mobius Foundation, a position he has held since May 2015, demonstrating his commitment to environmental sustainability and philanthropy.

Early Life And Education

Born in 1942 in Amritsar, Pradip and his family moved to Bihar due to the establishment of Dabur factory in Deoghar. After the world war II was over, the Burman family moved to Kolkata where he was sent to a Hindi High School. Later, he enrolled in a boarding school in Darjeeling and went on to pursue B.SC in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA. In 1968, he returned to India and joined the family business, Dabur, as a Management Trainee. He got married a year after his return and the family was blessed with a son soon after.

The Professional Phase

In 1975, Pradip Burman was made Director of Dabur, and was in charge of the Kolkata plant for next 7 years. During the 1970 Bengal unrest, curfews and lengthy power cuts, Dabur went through tough times. The Burman family decided to shift to Delhi with his brother expanding the business in Delhi while he stayed in Kolkata. The company faced regular strikes until the Delhi factory was ready, resulting in Kolkata becoming a very small part of the company.

In 1982, he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, owing to the stress created by the trade unions. He then made the decision to move to Delhi for treatment and keeping in line with his values, opted for Ayurvedic care. Panchkarma therapy and massages helped him overcome arthritis.

In 1992 Pradip Burman then moved to Delhi and started a new venture – a veterinary division of Dabur India Ltd, which manufactured Ayurvedic medicine for veterinary usage. It was sold under the divisional name of Dabur Ayurvet Ltd.

Later, he took over the veterinary company and named it Ayurvet Limited, further expanding the plant’s operations in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The company started making profit since the costs were lower in their own manufacturing premises.

Pradip Burman was truly fascinated by Ayurveda. He mused about the difference between modern and ancient science, and realised that both can be right. So, he defended it with the Dabur motto – Traditional Knowledge, Modern Research. Ayurvet is strictly against animal testing and the medicines produced are carefully evaluated in labs before being given to the public.

Some years down the line, Pradip Burman founded Alternative Green Energy Solution (AGES), a company dedicated solely to provide Hydroponic Green Feed throughout the year in our work towards sustainable energy. Plants require 3 things to flourish – Water, nutrients and sunlight, and Hydroponics is a straightforward way of providing all these nutrients without the need of soil under controlled conditions to optimize growth. Today, hydroponics are used in harsh climates, such as deserts, areas with poor soil quality or in urban areas where high land costs have driven out traditional agriculture. Hydroponic fodder production is a boon for farmers whose soil is rocky and infertile. It becomes a viable farmer-friendly alternative technology for landless farmers and fodder production.

Passionately interested in social causes, he has also headed the PHD Rural Development Foundation (1996–1999). He is the Chairman of Sundesh, an NGO supported by Dabur India Limited working in rural areas around Ghaziabad UP), and a trustee of the Climate Reality Project,  India (affiliated to Mr. Al Gore of the Climate Reality Project Foundation, USA).

Pradip Burman is also the Chairman of the Mobius Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability, has spearheaded impactful projects like ICSE 2019, ICSE FORUM establishment, “Mission Sustainability – Population Vs. Planet” with Zee Network and WION, VIRAM: Agenda Sustainability with India Today Group, and THINK TANK for public interest research. Gyan Anant Vidyalaya, A school in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh was established by Mobius Foundation, prioritizes holistic student development, integrating environmental conservation and sustainability into its curriculum to foster responsible citizenship and ecological awareness.

A voracious reader, lover of music and a humanitarian at heart, Mr. Pradip Burman has dedicated his life towards the betterment of this country.