The earth has limited resources. The world only has so much food and clean water at a time. There is duress on the planet and an increase in populations implies that there are more mouths to feed. We are already tearing down wilderness to make way for homes and farming lands. If the population continues to grow, we won’t have resources left. We can take steps to limit the amount of procreation in the world. This was the central theme for Mobius Foundation to partner with Zee Media; and launch a nation-wide campaign of engaging with stakeholders’ and audiences and the like. Mobius Foundation with this campaign is working to put the spotlight back on human population growth. Programme is titled “MISSION SUSTAINABILITY- POPULATION VS. PLANET” for English audience on WION Channel and “संभलना ज़रूरी है: जनसंख्या बनाम प्रकृति” for Hindi and regional audience on Zee News and it’s regional network.

Under this campaign, topics on how over population is responsible for exerting pressure in the areas of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Natural Resources, Energy Crisis, Air Pollution, Jobs and Housing, Water Pollution, Depletion of Non-Renewable Resources, Education and Empowerment, Waste Generation, Education, Over Consumption Patterns etc. This 15-month long campaign gave an insight into the current Population scenario under the backdrop of effects of over-population on planetary resources and offered solutions for Sustainability.