The Mobius Foundation, a non-profit organisation, working towards the promotion of sustainability through education and empowerment has implanted several sustainability projects. ICSE 2019 was the major project taken up by the Foundation towards Sustainability Education. The conference brought together around 700+ participants representing a multi-disciplinary and diverse group of stakeholders.In order to carry forward the initiatives of the ICSE 2019,a networking platform, ‘ICSE FORUM’ was created for regular exchange of ideas, experiences and efforts in order to promote Sustainability Education. ICSE 2022 was organized  on September 9 and 10, 2022 through hybrid mode at SCOPE  Convention Centre, New Delhi, India in partnership with some  of the key environmental organizations on the theme Building  Connections and Partnerships for a Sustainable Future.

Mobius Foundation’s impactful campaign “Mission Sustainability – Population Vs Planet”, year-long public awareness programme in partnership with Zee Network and WION focused on the impact of overpopulation on issues such as Climate Change, Biodiversity, Energy Crisis etc. The initiative has been taken forward to phase 2, for year 2023-24, Mobius Foundation has partnered with India Today Group and launched a one-year-long social initiative called VIRAM: Agenda Sustainability. The programme is being telecasted on AajTak and India Today on 4th Saturday and Sunday of every month.

This year, the Mobius Foundation also launched two new initiatives: “THINK TANK” and the 100 School Programme. Through these initiatives, Think Tank, dedicated to public interest research and activism, will help us establish our presence in the “Sustainability Research” sector. It is intended primarily to raise awareness of issues and offer workable solutions. It operates as a public interest research and advocacy arm within the foundation. The Think Tank consists of a team of researchers who specialize in a diverse array of critical areas such as climate change, ecological disasters, climate finance, economics, public policy, forestry and wildlife , education, renewable energy agriculture, and CBG/Biogas. The Think Tank will serve as a platform for generating knowledge, disseminating information, and influencing public opinion and policy. In addition to “Girl Child Education and Empowerment” through the 100 School programme, which intends to adopt and manage girls’ schools in rural Madhya Pradesh and Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh.

Gyan Anant Vidyalaya (GAV) another remarkable initiative by the foundation plans to provide all the facilities of an urban school near village Atrauli in Ghaziabad where sustainability will be integrated into core curriculum areas.

Another promising project by the foundation is Project Aakar in Uttar Pradesh which focuses on building awareness and influencing attitude towards Family Planning using various contraceptive measures. Including sustainability into its core agenda Mobius, has already planted 10,000 trees. Established in 2015, Mobius has been constantly working towards mobilizing individuals and communities to contribute towards the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs).