Established in 2005, Agriliv Research Foundation (ARF) is dedicated to promoting the sustainable integration of agriculture and livestock practices to enhance farmer income and rural economies. Its core philosophy revolves around harnessing knowledge, science, and technology while prioritizing environmental conservation.

Over the years, ARF has spearheaded various social welfare development and research projects. These include initiatives such as Hydroponics Technology for Green Fodder Production, Paddy Nursery Transplantation, Revival of Bio-gas plant, Bio-compost Production, Rural Entrepreneurship and Training, Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and Farmer Producer’s Organizations (FPO’s) development, and the empowerment of women and tribal communities. It has also focused on areas like Infertility Management in cattle through Scientific Intervention and Artificial Insemination Services.

ARF’s innovative programs, like AMR and Emission(s) Containment through Herbals, Fuel, Energy, and Fertilizers production, and Multilevel farming systems under Transformative Agriculture, using “Environment Friendly” have been well-received by farmers. It has also emphasized initiatives for Soil Health, Barren land restoration, Water Conservation in Agriculture, Medicinal herbs cultivation under contract farming, Crop Residue Management, and the Waste-to-Wealth program to address challenges such as diminishing natural resources, erratic monsoons, and climate change-associated risks.

ARF’s domain of activities is now spread to cover the entire spectrum of the AgriFood Production System, including its impact on People, Planet, Population, and pollution and its influence on 12 out of 17 SDGs 2030.

Formerly known as the Ayurvet Research Foundation, ARF now stands for the Agriliv Research Foundation. The term comes from Agriculture, which also sustains life on the planet.