Overpopulation – A Global Concern

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Views by Pradip Burman:

In a world with quick draining resources, the progress of the world should be seen in light of its effect on the environment. The current rising population of India is something critical which is influencing our current circumstances gravely.

I believe having youngsters is definitely worth being grateful for, yet we need to ensure we don’t run over all our available resources and bring the surroundings down to their knees.

The on-going COVID emergency has shown how much pressure the populace puts on our wellbeing. It’s consistently squeezing everything from our ecology to our economy! The rapid population increase is reaching a breaking point. There is an urgent need to restrict the rate of birth. Higher birth rate is leading to an ongoing increase in the population of the poor and uneducated, which further aggravates the condition for our planet.

My vision has always been clear to educate the ones we already have and get the best solutions with them.

Our ongoing project – Mission Sustainability by Mobius Foundation partnered with WION aims to educate people regarding the rising effect of population growth on our environment & how we all can stabilize the population together for a better future and generate a sense of ecological responsibility amongst all.