Interview with Economic Times: Small steps taken today can make a big difference tomorrow, says philanthropist & entrepreneur Pradip Burman

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At 76, Pradip Burman is an entrepreneur who takes the environment and philanthropy very seriously. He shares what makes him go on.

Born in a family of innovators and philanthropists, Pradip Burman, the great grandson of Dabur founder Dr SK Burman, embodies the same qualities.

Burman is currently the chairman of Sanat Products Ltd, an emerging innovation-driven pharmaceutical company. Established in 1984, it manufactures and markets nutraceuticals.

How do you feel being given the title of a sustainability crusader?
I am honoured to get this grand title and aspire to be deserving of it eventually.

You have been contributing a lot in terms of sustainability. What are the lifestyle changes you would like to see in your fight against climate change?
Climate change is mostly because of our consumption patterns and lifestyles. Population explosion is stretching the limited resources for health care. Non-renewable resources are getting depleted. The planet cannot support our current lifestyle.

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