Mobius Foundation chaired by Pradip Burman to organize 48 Mobile Health Camps in Haryana

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To organize 4-6 mobile health camps every month in villages of Sonepat and Panipat for providing basic health care and medical facilities to the marginalized families

Treatment of 50-80 people per camp

To create awareness on health and hygiene

In a humble demonstration of sheer sense of responsibility to respond to the long-standing demands of basic health care facilities from the community,Mobius Foundation – a non-profit organization and of whichPradipBurman is a chairman; will organize 48 Mobile Health Camps in the remote areas of Sonepat and Panipat districts. To be organized between June 2018 and March 2019, these Mobile Health Camps aim to create awareness on healthcare and hygiene among 2000 households that include students, youth, women and farmers.

With education, environment and population stabilization as its core focus, Mobius Foundation aims to instill a sense of responsibility towards environment through different projects. It is committed to support environmental sustainability, strengthening systems with empowering technologies and encouraging healthy behaviors. Mobius Foundation has a vision to collaborate with a diverse range of public civil partners to advance the cause practices of sustainable consciousness in Indian citizens.

PradipBurman, Chairman of Mobius Foundation and Chairman of Dabur Nepal

Expressing pride on this accomplishment, PradipBurman, Chairman of Mobius Foundation and Chairman of Dabur Nepal, said, A sound health is the basis of overall well being of a person. Mobius is truly proud of creating this platform for the people of Haryana. Through these camps we are looking at a larger objective of creating awareness about health and hygiene among the villagers which we believe will result in ultimate happiness and well-being.

Pradipis a man who wears many hats. He is the founder chairman of Sustainable Development Society (Sundesh), a CSR initiative supported by Dabur, for development work in the rural areas. He is also the chairman of the Mobius Foundation, a non-profit organization working for education, sustainability and the protection of the environment.

A great grandson of the founder of Dabur, Dr. S. K Burman,Pradipwas born in a family of innovators and philanthropists. After completing his studies from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, Pradeep migrated to Canada and joined a chemical manufacturing company. In 1967, he returned to India and joined Dabur India Ltd., in Calcutta, as an executive. Whether it was enduring the challenging phase in Calcutta when trade unions brought business to a standstill or the 1970s unrest when curfews and lengthy power cuts resulted in loss of business, Pradeep Burman has seen it all and has come a long way since then.

In the year 1992PradipBurman moved to Delhi and started a new venture – a veterinary division of Dabur India Ltd., which manufactured Ayurvedic medicine for veterinary usage. It was sold under the divisional name of Dabur Ayurvet Ltd.Pradipwas truly fascinated by Ayurveda. He mused about the difference between modern and ancient science and realized that both can be right. So, he defended it with the Daburmotto – Traditional Knowledge, Modern Research.

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