Inauguration of Public Library and Sewing Training Center

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SUNDESH, CSR hand of Dabur, opened SUNDESH Public Library and the Nari Shakti Cutting-Stitching Training Centre in the village of Shivaya. Founding president Mr. Pradip Burman inaugurated the library and training centre. In his remarks to the trainees and kids, Mr. Pradip Burman stated, “youth needed a platform like this in the competitive world of today, where young people can concentrate while working in a group to prepare for competitive exams. The youth will benefit greatly from this library.”

The organization has already completed numerous development projects in the village of Shivaya, such as prohibiting open defecation, installing toilets, desk benches, and ceiling fans in schools, etc. Former Pradhan Devendra Sharma and Subodh Rana appreciated the works of SUNDESH and thanked everyone.

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