How Would the Loss of Biodiversity Affect Humans? Let’s Discuss

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People depend on biodiversity. However, millions of species are gravely endangered because of human’s petty gains. Diverse species are the tireless stewards of the land, air, and water, and we need them for continued survival on Earth.

The loss of biodiversity is threatening our lives and taking us to the severity and climate adversity.

 Here are some key facts that are threatening our future due to the increased biodiversity loss:

     Threats to Health Pharmacological Sciences

The constant drop in the biological diversity of microorganisms and flora & fauna is a huge concern in human health and pharmacological sciences as we also depend on nature for medical and pharma discoveries. If losing biodiversity continues, we may limit our discovery of potential treatments for many health problems and diseases.

     Nutritional Impact on Humans Due to the Loss of

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in human nutrition through various natural resources. The influence of loss in biodiversity on world food production is a great concern. We are forcing nature to work according to us and believing the sustainable productivity of soils, livestock, crops, and marine species continues.

The overconsumption of the environment is leaving grave imprints on the amount of nutrition. Food is a fundamental determinant for human survival & our health. 

The species and genetic diversity play their role in cultivating the soil for edible plants’ breeds. But with the continued development of cities, infrastructure and urbanization are forcing them to endanger. 

As a result, the nutritional composition between cultivars and food loss is affecting micronutrient availability in our diet.

     Sharp Rise in Infectious Diseases

Human activities are constantly disturbing both the structure and functions of eco systems & native biodiversity.
Such disturbances result from the abundance’s reduction of some organisms. This
is causing
population growth in other species and altering the interactions between organisms & their chemical and physical environment.
The pattern of infectious diseases is sensitive. It is transmitting dangerous diseases into the lives of people. However, it is completely normal, as we have already damaged nature with our acts, such as deforestation, land use-change and over construction through irrigation, dam
building, urban sprawl to pesticide chemicals used to control disease, climate
variability, and change.

     Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Human Health

Biodiversity offers various ecosystem services that are important to human well-being at present and in the future. However, the climate is another integral part of ecosystem functioning, which affects human health directly and indirectly. The increasing climatic conditions & marine ecosystems are also impacting human lives in diverse ways.

As we are making the ocean toxic with the rising levels of carbon in the atmosphere, we face disastrous conditions, such as drought and flooding. However, it is not the only fact; we are also barricading the cycle of the ecosystem and plant growth.

 How Mobius Foundation is Making an Impact on Restoring Our Environment?

 Mr. Pradip Burman founded Mobius Foundation, a non-profit organization in Delhi to spread awareness of why the environment is important for survival. It has launched a mass tree planting campaign in 2018 under the name of ‘Project Sanjeevani’ and planted over 5000 saplings in collaboration with many schools, self-help groups, farmers, NGOs,
and Kisaan club members.

With the initiative, Mobius Foundation believes in reducing pollution and carbon footprint individually by practising sustainability and planting trees.