What Are the 6 Factors that Affect Climate? How Can We Prevent Climate Change?

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Humans are sharply influencing the climate & the earth’s temperature by burning
fossil fuels, cutting down the forests & escalating agriculture.
This adds enormous pressure to the earth, soars the amount of greenhouse
gases in the atmosphere that ultimately leads to global warming. It traps the
sun’s heat by preventing it from leaking back into space.

Human activities are drastically surging the concentrations of some of the most
dangerous gases into the layers of the earth, which are:

● Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
● Methane
● Nitrous Oxide
● Fluorinated Gases

Fortunately, there are things we can do to fight against the climate crisis.

Preserving the earth starts with individual responsibility for future generations.

Here are some actions you can take to eradicate climate change:

Make Your Commute Green 

Millions of people drive their vehicles to work. It is simply unavoidable in our modern era. However, the downside to this act is that millions of vehicles emit greenhouse gases that demolish the ozone layer.
Vehicle emissions are second in the top causes of climate emergencies. But, you
can use other options to make your commute to work eco-friendly. For that, use
public transport to cut down emissions. Riding your bike is another incredible way
to help restore our earth’s health. It doesn’t just help you reach work, but it is a
great way to also stay fit.

Be More Conservative with Energy Usage

Become more environmentally active by saving energy to prevent pollution. It
causes the power plants to expand less energy, which leads to the production of
greenhouse gases. This means you can cut down on energy usage in your

  1. Make sure you turn off lights & unplug devices when you are not using
  2. You can even replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs to save


Manufacturing plants emit greenhouse gases. It is an unavoidable act in the
production of goods that we use daily basis. However, there is an alternative,
Recycling is a cost-effective & eco-friendly way that eliminates waste & does not
emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Make sure you collect your discarded plastic bottles, paper, glass & electronics to
your local recycling center or scrap dealer.

Use Renewable Energy

Utilize renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy,
geothermal energy & more to create a positive impact in your community. You
can encourage people to use this energy by educating them about how
renewable energy is better than fossil fuels.

Stop Wasting Food

Reducing food waste is the thing you can do to offer your efforts in lessening climate impact.

Food that is spoiled & disposed creates methane & affects greenhouse gas emissions. In this way, purchase limited food so that you can finish it before expiry date.

Eat Less Factory-Prepared Red Meat

Factory farms feed their cows grains, which force them to release methane into
the air. Adopting a plant-rich diet can help reduce methane. It is not completely
necessary to be a vegetarian. You just need to reduce the amount of meat that
can help lessen the methane gas into the atmosphere.

A Step Towards Sustainability by Mobius Foundation

 The Mobius Foundation, a non-profit organization, is promoting environmental
sustainability through sustainable, relevant solutions that enable us to break fixed
practices which are harmful to the environment & human existence on the planet.
The initiative also elevates ecological conservation through Project Sanjeevani &
population stabilization. It has also organized the International Conference on
Sustainable Education (ICSE) to explore the ways to address the challenges
halting the path to a sustainable lifestyle & education.