The Climate Reality Project: Spreading Awareness on Climate Change

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Climate change is real and it’s happening right now! Sea levels are rising and oceans are getting warmer. Intense droughts threaten crops, wildlife, freshwater supplies and with the intense heat waves taking lives all around the globe, the situation has never been this serious!

Climate change poses a threat to every species on the earth and everything that a man has achieved over the centuries. But, It is not too late to avoid or “limit” some of the worst effects of global warming. To address the crisis, we need to take some major actions which require us to adopt an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. For eg- we should reduce the amount of greenhouse gases entering our atmosphere by using less or non polluting vehicles and opt for carpooling whenever we can. We should also take immediate measures to stop water pollution which can be done by simply avoiding wasting water in showers or use buckets to bathe instead. There should also be strict policies that curb the act of throwing/dumping plastic in water bodies. All in all, we should take considerable actions to heal the current status and prevent any adverse future consequences. This must be done with immediate effect and we should be prepared for what’s to follow.

Some solutions and helping hands which we have today to support us in this alarming state are various organizations, groups and environmentally conscious individuals who are constantly working hard for the cause. One such entity is The Climate Reality Project, India, which is a part of Al Gore’s Climate initiative focused on climate change education and countering climate change denial campaigns worldwide. To sensitize the citizens of the nation, experts in environment protection and climate change recently came together in New Delhi to have a discussion on “Climate Change: Its Science, Effects and Mitigation Strategies”.

Mr. Pradip Burman, Chairman of Mobius Foundation and Trustee of the Climate Reality Project India, who was present at the gathering, emphasized on how the climate issue is adversely affecting the health of people and endangering our future generations. Mr. Krishan Kalra, an engineer by training, formerly Additional Secretary-General- FICCI and Trustee of the Climate Reality Project India further added, “We’re already witnessing detrimental consequences due to escalating heat levels, which is greatly affecting the mankind, plants, animals and ecosystems. This, coupled with increasing population, is tremendously catering to global warming and other threatening issues, ultimately resulting in the death of huge masses in India. However, we’re hoping that the effective initiatives like the International Solar Alliance, Clean Ganga Mission to name a few, taken by the government will massively help in plummeting these ongoing problems. That’s how we can fight these hazardous impediments to make India a better place to live.”

More than 900 teachers since then have taken part in various training workshops on ‘climate change and sustainable development goals (with special focus on environmental goals)’ for a safer planet that have been organised in Maharashtra (covering the districts Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur) and Mumbai.

We need non-profit organisations like The Climate Reality Project India that enlighten people and make them care about our one and only home: the Earth by conducting such important environment events. Only by spreading awareness and educating the inhabitants can there be a planet which has healthy air, pure water and other quality resources for consumption.