World Environment School, Through The Eyes of Coorg

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A land which gives an impactful sight of a green misty landscape! An atmosphere away from the toxicity of current climate conditions and near to towering green hills – that are comforting to not only your eyes but even your breath. Yes, we are speaking of COORG, officially also known as Kodagu. An absolutely scenic hilly city based in Karnataka – it is considered on the top of the list for Eco-friendly places in India. With extensively spread tea gardens and forest covered hills, we do not beg to doubt on that.

Imagine having an educational institute in the midst of such natural surroundings. An educational institution and school which aims to build young minds as future sustainability guardians for our planet. – Perfect combination! WES – World Environment School based in the lovely city of COORG is exactly what we are talking about. It will be the first green school in India and South East Asia and would have a 100% plastic-waste free campus – yes you heard it right, “No usage of plastic at all”. It will not compromise on premium infrastructure facilities for students and yet save up on basic necessity resources such as water, energy, land etc.

The school believes and works on the motto of – Green, Global and Magic of India. It is global as it provides world class infrastructure and it holds the essence of the ‘Magic of India’ as it provides students with opportunities to learn the ancient Indian lifestyles such as the art of Yoga. WES aims to formulate the mindset of students in a way that they become environmentally responsible humans who are sensitive towards flora and fauna and their surrounding environment. The school is set to launch in 2021 and offer exciting opportunities to children such as experiential learning, pastoral care and an International Baccalaureate program (which encourages children to do farming and adapt the beneficial ‘organic’ lifestyle).

Coorg is the perfect location for WES as students will easily adapt to an Eco-friendly and sustainable culture while being surrounded by itself. Each day students will be surrounded by an environment while they learn and grow in classrooms. Nature will be right there to inspire and teach them about what actually matters in life. As the saying goes “Nature takes its own time, yet everything is accomplished”.