World Environment School, Coorg – An initiative by Mobius Foundation, led by Mr. Pradip Burman

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The Chairman of Mobius Foundation, Mr. Pradip Burman believes that education is the right key to develop awareness about environmental conservation and sustainability to create a better future and a greener planet. Built around this thought, Mobius foundation is setting up the World Environment School spread across 100 acres of hills in Coorg, Karnataka. The World Environment School in Coorg [WESc], Karnataka aims at building global leaders responsible for preserving the environment by curating strong environmental and moral values among its students. Further, these students will become global citizens who are considerate in using the natural resources and are well aware of principles and practices of waste management, renewability, recyclability and sustainability in relation to the environment.

With a vision to deliver holistic education by selecting the best of technologies and systems available internationally, WESc is giving a modern and global orientation to turn its students into global citizens. The World Environment School has come up with an International Baccalaureate program, wherein the curriculum also mandates social responsibility and has made the recycling & re-use of biodegradable products mandatory.