Witness learning at Mobius Foundation’s dream school ‘Gyan Anant Vidyalaya’

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“Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to changed the world”

Pradip Burman has long been an environmental champion, crusading for the future while taking small steps in the present, to foster change in the minds and the lives of people.
As a philanthropist he firmly believes that “primary and secondary education is the bedrock of a sustainable society”.

Giving shape to the same vision, ‘Gyan Anant Vidyalaya’ shall be launched soon.
While there is no lack of perfectly modern schools in the urban area, there’s something truly unique about the learning space envisioned and then brought to form by Mr. Burman’s hard work, dedication and his bird’s eye view of the current education system.
The school shall aim to seed ‘a green mindset’ from the get-go while adopting a holistic pedagogical approach. Built in the Atauli village of Ghaziabad district, it shall be ‘one-of-its-kind’ in its immediate space when it comes to fulfilling the aspirations of rural youth. Initially the classes shall only cater to students up till 7th standard, but the larger goal will be to expand and offer equal learning opportunities to students till 12th standard.

With passionate educators to lead the way, a curriculum that allows students to explore a variety of possibilities and an integrated approach of environmental education along with academic excellence, students will experience ‘learning at its best’.

Reflecting the same ethos in its form and design, Gyan Anant Vidyalaya has been built to inspire students to embrace the natural environment and grow up to be a true visionary.
Our architecture is sustainably crafted, drawing all its energy from solar plants,every classroom will be powered by green energy. Underground recharge trenches on the campus area will be used for students to experience and practice ‘rainwater harvesting’.
With its full capacity being put to use, the school shall be home to 1800 bright budding students. In ready preparation for this, our ‘efficient waste management’ system consist of using separate bins for dry and wet waste, vermicomposting tanks, wastewater treatment plants and another green energy source -’biogas’.

Our motto is not anywhere close to simply teaching, but one that will allow students to witness and practice- how to remain mindfully aware, use their learning for the betterment of their community and see their actions in a broader sense regarding environment, future and planet earth.