Why do we need a greenhouse like Coorg?

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In a state of constant struggle with the current hazardous climatic conditions and scarcity of basic survival resources, we are trapped in an absolute worst state of living conditions! Pollution released from vehicles, manufacturing units, air conditioners, and from activities like burning of harvests have made it impossible for us to breathe clean air. On top of it, we are very dependent on technologies such as air purifiers, products such as pollution masks and abstract services like an oxygen jar (our prior generations must be laughing). This is a result of our own unsustainable activities and taking for granted nature’s assets like fresh air, clean water and green lands.

Thankfully, we still have places like Coorg around us. Why?
It is a lush green hilly city with infinite amount of fresh, amazing fauna and flora and of course clean water. Yes, all that exists together in one place, while we struggle in our “developing” city life. Unimaginable right?

While you thought Coorg was only a nice coffee venue, it kept thriving to become a significant ‘Greenhouse’ for planet earth! It is in fact Asia’s largest producer of honey and is known as the unspoilt “country of million hills”. Apart from endless green spaces and towering green hills, it is home to a host of animals like elephants, tigers, giant flying squirrels, leopards, jackals etc. Coorg is also an ideal place for trekking and the best time to visit this scenic district of karnataka is between November and April.

Observing all these positive characteristics about Coorg, it is also an ideal place to open a sustainable school. The good news is that Mr. Pradip Burman and his initiative The Mobius Foundation is all set to open a sustainable, eco-friendly school in Coorg, called WES (World Environment School). The school will be built in the heart of Coorg and will open its doors to students in 2021. The project looks very promising as it aims to provide students with practical examples of sustainable living through its plastic free campus, energy saving facilities, plants and environment friendly setups and so on.

World Environment School

Children would learn while having the presence of nature all around them, and so would become sensitive to its needs. The open air campus will provide students with easy access to fresh clean air of Coorg, also enabling them to inhale lots of oxygen as well. WES aims to mould the minds of the young ones as responsible and sensitive towards the very environment we live in.

This also throws light on the fact that Coorg will expand a lot economically and socially because of this project. This district of Karnataka will have many of its local teachers employed and would have farmers find better earning opportunities. Labour and other working sectors will find plenty of employment opportunities. On this note hoping for a smooth and soon opening of the World Environment School, in the lovely city of Coorg.