What is Causing the Water Crisis in India? How Can We Stop the Water Crisis?

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India is facing the worst water crisis in history of Groundwater Scarcity. The way humans prioritize water changed dramatically over the past. Lifestyles dominate livelihoods & it further worsens the water scarcity.

Over 163 million Indians do not have access to clean water to drink. They pump out groundwater to fulfill the need, but it has reached water severity that threatens human existence & sustainable life on earth.

The nation of 1.3 billion+ people is failing to protect its water & continuously marching towards dangerous water-borne diseases, economic hardship & social upheaval.

The groundwater depletion & contamination is affecting human health. Farmers use untreated wastewater that is full of industrial chemicals & human sewage in their farming which promotes diseases to come into existence. Earlier water was a boon to humans, now it has moved from providing life to taking lives of millions.

A Report By NITI Aayog

According to a report by NITI Aayog, a government-charted think tank in 2020 warned Delhi with other 20 cities that it could reach zero groundwater levels.

Underwater decline is a key challenge that India needs to resolve. India’s fast-growing suburbs & metropolitans with a rapid population demand and deserve an adequate water supply.

However, maintaining a clear water supply to its citizens raises critical questions about its leaders &  making leadership tougher than ever.

Water is life. Without it, humans cannot survive. Without it, there would be no infrastructural, economical & nation growth. It is the basic need. If the country could not fulfill its basic needs, then how can it focus on other things? Therefore, the country needs to be focused on restoring underground water.

Can We Stop Water Crisis?

If India does not act fast, it could exhaust its groundwater. India needs to attempt long-term

For that, they need to avail these below written solutions:

1. Restoration of the country’s traditional water sources is one way to save its water.
2. The nation needs to apply porous pavement that could help rainfall seep into the ground.
3. The leaders of the country also need to focus on wastewater treatment & rainwater harvesting.
4. We must educate our citizens to use less water for daily domestic use & practice
sustainable lifestyle to restore ecosystems.

Mobius Foundation: Hydro Solar Panels and Atmospheric Water Generator

Water scarcity is a major issue in India. Pradip Burman, Chairman of the Mobius Foundation, aimed to tackle this problem by recharging the capacity of wells & ponds in the rural villages with its two initiatives.

Hydro Solar Panels Technology:  It generates water from the atmosphere using solar technology. One panel lifespan is 15 years and every water generation generates 2-5 liters of water. It also can store 30 liters of water in a reservoir.

Atmospheric Water Generators: SkyWater’s technology helps to store water with minimal maintenance. It is safe & next-gen technology that cleans water without wasting a drop. 

Mobius Foundations initiatives will increase the availability of drinking water for people & livestock in the reservoirs.