Sustainable development is the need of the hour: Mobius Foundation, an initiate by Pradip Burman

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New Delhi, August 27th, 2019: Sustainable Development is inevitable for the world to sustain the impact of manmade errors. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an effort to bring sustainability in our education system that will help individuals and groups to find solutions for sustainability challenges. Recognising the efficacious effect of sustainability, organistions are coming up together to develop such an environment.

Mobius Foundation, an NGO working towards sustainability development in India, is going to organize an educational conference ICSE (International Conference on Sustainability Education)-2019 at New Delhi on 9th and 10th of September. The aim of this conference is to draw out the challenges related to sustainability education across the globe. It would try to explore the pathways to address the challenges by empowering learners with new skills, values, and attitude.

Environmental education has emerged as a distinct discipline over the years along with evolution in approaches and methodologies of teaching and learning.

“It’s interesting to note the transition from environment education (EE) to education for sustainable development (ESD) and now the system is moving towards more focused climate change education (CCE),” said Dr Ram Boojh, Director Programme, Mobius Foundation.

Most of the environmental problems are manmade and can be resolved by humans only, in which education plays a key role. Sustainability education is an untapped resource in addressing challenges related to environment, climate change and sustainable development. Although, there have been various efforts globally in this direction, still educators as well as policy makers have not yet fully utilized potential of education to address these challenges.

There is a hope that the conference will help thought leaders of the sector in creating a network of stakeholders. It will enhance the capacity of the sector to take better decisions that will ultimately improve the efficiency and quality. “Curriculum developers are the backbones of our education system and are often kept in background and play hardly any role in the implementation process. With ICSE 2019 we are trying to provide platform for them to participate actively and contribute from formulation to implantation.” Dr. Bhooj further said

With the aim to bridge the gap between practice and theory, ICSE will be a unique platform working in the unchartered territory of environmental education aiming to bring practitioners and educators together. Stakeholders from all walks will discuss the challenges towards transformation to an inclusive and quality education and way to mitigate them.