Sundesh – A socially empowering voluntary organisation completes 25 years of noble service.

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Ever since its inception in November 1993, ‘Sundesh’ has been progressing aggressively while contributing to its objective of developing rural sectors of the country in a successful manner. While benefiting the underprivileged and empowerment seeking class of the society, it has created one of its kind benchmarks for social welfare initiatives. The organization started operating within a small office in Sahibabad and now covers operations in three big states of the country – Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

Under the effective leadership of Mr. Pradip Burman, Sundesh has initiated various programmes that integrate sectors such as health, employment, education, and empowerment to enable people to take command over their lives. The voluntary organization, in their drive for uplifting the Indian society, has been able to empower significant sections of the society such as children, women, the unemployed and the illiterate.

In their efforts towards making a difference and fulfilling social commitments, Sundesh has crossed quite a few thresholds on its philanthropic path:

  • Providing services and assistance to children who have dropped out of school and for the ones who have never been to one, Sundesh constantly presents opportunities of formal as well as non formal education for the earnest.
  • In collaboration with Chunni Lal Trust, Sundesh promotes healthcare facilities within 12 adopted villages by conducting mass awareness drives and aiding them with medications and treatments.

They provide literacy opportunities to children between 6-14 years of age by organising classes at village centers and encouraging the children and their guardians to seek formal education. These children are then linked to formal schools that enable them to continue their education further. Along with bringing a change in the children’s lives, Sundesh works to promote adult literacy and has set up 2 teaching centers to bring them up to speed so they could teach their children.

The organization has achieved various CSR awards from media, local and national bodies. The society was awarded the Aaj Tak Care Award for their environmental initiatives in 2012 and selected for the Amity Global Business School CSR Award for efforts towards poverty alleviation.

At Sundesh the aim is not to provide charity, but to enable communities to grow so that they have a better life and become a resourceful arm of mainstream society.

As our Founder Mr. Pradip Burman says,  “A beginning has been made, but there are still miles to go”, Sundesh will continue to serve and play its role in the upliftment of the rural and urban poor in support of the new ‘India’.