Project Aakar – Dampati No 1 (Parivaar Niyojan) an initiative by Mobius Foundation

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Population control is one of the key imperactives for India’s growth. Aakar project is an initiative in line with the Government of India to promote population stabilization in the country. Piloting in UP, the project aims to educate people on the importance of reproductive health, family planning and increasing the uptake of contraceptives. Project Aakar is being supported by Mr Pradip Burman (chairman of Mobius Foundation), as a part of community Sustainability Solutions program. It will be implemented in the partnership with local NGO, Kartavya Shila Mahila Aevam Bal Vikas Sanstha.

Population growth has been a cause of worry for the Government of India since a very long time. Aakar has been designed to support the Government of India’s commitment to population stabilisation. Special attention has been given to Project Aakar, in synergy with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health & Family Planning and State policies. It also supports the Parivar Vikas Mission of the Government of India. Various steps have been taken by the Mobius Foundation to stabilise population. Through this activity, we attempt to empower more & more Indian couples to adopt modern birth control measures & plan their family.