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Breathe easy – these words have taken a completely new meaning today. The environment today is less of a survivable zone and surely more of a danger zone! Hazardous climate conditions make our daily living conditions worse. It is difficult to build new eco-friendly opportunities while our fight to repair the previous damage has not ended yet. In some parts of the world – not even started.

Pradip Burman at ICSE 2019

Therefore, it becomes necessary to inculcate a sustainable attitude in the lifestyles of not only the current habitants of our planet but in that of future habitants as well. To see this become a reality, I consider it my obligation to act. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to envision and organize ‘International Conference for Sustainability Education 2019’ along with The Climate Reality Project India, Mobius Foundation and UNESCO.

ICSE 2019 was organized for creating a sustainable vision of our society and was aimed at impacting the education & schooling systems of India. My aim is to get sustainability education & attitude inculcated in the current learning system. The conference provided a platform to make essential efforts for creating future leaders to heal climate change. Interestingly, the planning for this conference on sustainability education had very much taken cultural and local relevance, which increased the awareness about the event.

I spoke at ICSE 2019 and was elated to thank the renowned panelist, management team, and students who participated in the conference and made it a success. Further I gave a priority to the severe climate change issues and talked about the hazardous environment conditions, especially in India. The emphasis was given on making the current education system into a sustainability oriented structure, such that it develops the future citizens of our planet as more environmentally responsible and sensitive.

I believe, the issues are endless from landfills, toxicated rivers, air pollution and mass deforestation – all to build a more urban society for the humans to live in. What is lacking is the basic understanding that humans cannot survive without natural resources and that with current climate conditions our future generation will be left with nothing to survive. Conferences such as these gets the relevant audience and organizations together to help increase mass awareness about alarming environment conditions. Along with that, such events give fuel to strategies that would protect, heal and transform our planet for good. I am absolutely thankful to The Climate Reality Project India, Mobius Foundation and UNESCO, for supporting me in making ICSE 2019 become a successful reality.