Mobius Foundation’s contribution towards growth & advancement of India’s rural communities

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“I have lived my life. I wish that whatever I start before I go, will continue – for the betterment of my country.”

Mr. Pradip Burman, Director and Founder of Mobius Foundation and Sundesh is an emblematic figure of ‘developmental change at the grassroots of our country’.
For him, ‘progression and innovation’ aren’t just mere buzzwords but a key cornerstone he lives his life by.

Always hailed as a patron of ancient science and traditional wisdom, he has held the belief that the roots of India hold immense potential.
His endeavours have been fueled by his aim to ‘elevate the rural community’ and empower them to grow and further advance the country.

He started off by launching Mobius Foundation, a non-profit organization running to enhance the everyday livelihoods of every indian citizen, but especially those who are unable to seek proper facilities.
The foundation is alone responsible for several educational programs including a day school in Uttar Pradesh designed for the marginalized of the society. In addition to this, he also spearheaded Project Aakar and Project Sanjeevani.

The two projects address key issues like – awareness regarding contraception, population control, jobs in the healthcare system and mindset change for the development of our country.

His other projects are centred around providing basic amenities that the underprivileged are often deprived of.
One of which is offering medical and paramedical aid to the public, treatments for those suffering from life-long ailments via regular medical camps organised every other week.

Since ‘health and sanitation’ are the focal points of any kind of growth, he has also ensured proper sanitation standards are maintained. The initiative of constructing eco-friendly toilets across numerous villages, is an attempt to ensure ‘basic rights and amenities’ are extended to every person.

Likewise his efforts to completely innovate his adopted village Chidana, includes installing solar street lights in order to reduce crimes and take care of safety. In addition to this, he has led numerous awareness programs on ‘food safety and natural farming practices’. His active participation in socio-economic development has indeed helped the rural community leaps and bounds.

His initiatives have done exceedingly well in elevating those unable to access primary health care or educational opportunities.
At the heart of all his endeavours, is the unique integration of social growth and concept of sustainability.
His vision goes beyond ‘work in action’ and will continue until India is a developed nation.

-Team Pradip burman