Launch of Vermi Compost Factory at village Chidana

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Reaffirming its commitment to Environment Sustainability, Pradip Burman-led Mobius Foundation today announced the launch of a mega initiative — Project Sanjeevani – as part of its mission to create a Greener Haryana, and launch of vermi compost factory at Village Chidana.

Mobius Foundation has been spearheading various programmes across the country to promote education, including setting up a Residential Green School in Coorg, Karnataka and a Day School in Atrouli Village, Uttar Pradesh, several projects at Village Chidana

At Village Chidana , vermi compost factory launched by Pradip Burman

About Mr. Pradip Burman

Pradip Burman is the great grandson of the founder of Dabur, Dr. S.K Burman. Born in a family of innovators and philanthropists, he absorbed these qualities from childhood. He cannot lie, even if it would save him from punishment.Pradip Burman is currently the Chairman of Dabur Nepal Pvt Limited (a subsidiary of Dabur India Ltd) and also serves as a promoter director on the Board of Aviva Life Insurance Co. Ltd with many awards and honours in his name. Over the years, he was engaged in leading the companies that merged with Dabur India Ltd., such as Vidogum& Chemicals Ltd. He is also the Chairman of Sanat Products Limited and Ayurvet Limited. He is also the chairman of Mobius Foundation, established in 2015, as a non-profit organization working towards Environmental Sustainability.

He has established his mark not only in corporate world but also in social services. He is the chairman of Sundesh, a registered voluntary organization with an objective of development of rural areas.

He is also the chairman of Mobius Foundation, established in 2015, is a non-profit organization working towards environmental sustainability. A trustee of the Climate Reality Project – India (affiliated to Mr. Al Gore of the Climate Reality Project Foundation, USA).

A voracious reader and a lover of music. But his passion is to stop the degradation of the ecology.

About Mobius FoundationEstablished in 2015, Mobius Foundation is committed to support sustainability, strengthening systems with empowering technologies and encouraging healthy behaviours. Principle being focus on education, environment, population stabilisation that contribute to sustenance. Mobius has a vision to collaborate with a diverse range of public & civil partners to advance the cause & practices of sustainable consciousness in Indian citizens. The foundation aims to aims to instil a sense of responsibility towards the environment through different projects –Education, Renewable Energy, Recycling and Population Stabilization.