Key initiatives by Mr. Pradip Burman

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I have lived my life. I wish that whatever I start before I go, will continue – for the betterment of my country. -Pradip Burman

Pradip Burman, born in Amritsar, is a visionary leader and a crusader of sustainability with an aim to lead this world towards a brighter future. He is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in our country today. Coming from the family of leaders, he has imbibed this quality and has been tirelessly working towards making this country a better place for everyone. He believes that sustainability is the need of the hour and every individual should work towards it. His love for the environment and his desire to spread awareness about sustainability is reflected through the following initiatives:

Key initiatives by Mr. Pradip Burman

Founded by Pradip Burman, Alternative Green Energy Solution (AGES) is a company dedicated solely to provide Hydroponic Green Feed throughout the year in our work towards sustainable energy.
Plants require 3 things to flourish – Water, nutrients and sunlight, and Hydroponics is a way of providing that without the need of soil under controlled conditions to optimize growth. Today, hydroponics are used in harsh climates, such as deserts, areas with poor soil quality or in urban areas where high land costs have driven out traditional agriculture. Hydroponic fodder production is probably best-suited to semi-arid, arid, and drought-prone regions of the world suffering from chronic water shortages or in areas where irrigation infrastructure simply does not exist. Fodders including maize, barley, oats, sorghum, rye, alfalfa and triticale can be easily produced by hydroponics.

Mobius Foundation
Mobius Foundation, founded by Pradip Burman, is a non-profit organisation promoting environmental sustainability through sustainable, relevant solutions that enable communities to break longstanding practices that act detrimental to human existence on Earth.
Spearheading various educational programs in India, including setting up a residential green school in Karnataka and a day school in Uttar Pradesh, the non-profit also promotes population stabilization and ecological conservation through Project Aakar and Project Sanjeevani.
Other projects include mobile health camps, school support programs, installation of solar street lights, toilet construction, and training and awareness programs on food safety and natural farming practices.
Additionally, the foundation is proud to be associated with Universal Trustees Private Limited, a professional estate planning, trusteeship and executor services company offering its services in India to resident and non-resident families, corporates and charities keeping up with our vision of environment sustainability.

World Environment School is a green school set to be established in Hoskeri, a village near Coorg, Karnataka. The school is affiliated to International Baccalaureate and has a holistic learning process. It aims to form adults who are healthy in mind and body, and have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Project Akaar
Project Akaar is designed to complement and support government of India’s commitment to focus on the rollout of new contraceptives and institutionalization services for family planning. It also prioritizes among the 11 districts that tops in total fertility rate, featuring in latest report of Health Ministry presented to parliament in March 2017.
Special attention has been given to being synergistic with the national policy on lowering fertility and slowing the population growth rate, the state level policies and programs, and district level plans and activities.

The main motive of SUNDESH, a non-profit organisation, is to reach out to the weaker and vulnerable sections of our society. Long before companies and individuals woke up to community service, SUNDESH had been quietly working towards inclusive growth and empowering the society through continuous and purposeful engagement of all partners in the development process. Founded by Pradip Burman, SUNDESH operates in Ghaziabad, Gautam Budh Nagar and Hapur District of Uttar Pradesh, Rudrapur district (Uttarakhand) and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh). SUNDESH conducts regular surveys and meetings with community representatives to understand the specific needs of the community. Its activities are designed to involve each stakeholder at a grassroot level, from need assessment to evaluation and sustainability of its programme.