International Conference on Sustainability Education hosted by Mobius Foundation

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‘International Conference on Sustainability Education (ICSE)’ was organized jointly by Mobius Foundation, The Climate Reality Project, India in partnership with UNESCO. The two-day conference came up with the ways to address the challenges halting the path of sustainable education.

ICSE 2019 was planned with a view to exploring pathways to address current and emerging sustainability challenges through education by empowering learners with new skills, values, and attitudes that lead to more sustainable societies. The conference was organized as a major sustainability event to bring together thought leaders, practitioners, teachers, educators, policymakers as well as youth from around the globe to share innovative ideas, case studies, practices and policies and come forward with recommendations for incorporating environmental sustainability as a core concept in the school education system. 

Dr. Ram Boojh (Director Programmes, Former UNESCO, and Environment Programme Specialist) said, “The idea to organize this Conference came from the felt need of reorienting education towards sustainability issues in the context of the global commitment for Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.” 

The Conference deliberated upon various facets of sustainability education taking a holistic viewpoint in terms of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development), EE (Environmental Education) and Climate Change Education (CCE). 

Mr Pradip Burman, Chairman, Mobius Foundation said, ICSE 2019 has been organized with its ultimate goal of developing societies competent in the principles of sustainability and striving to live within the carrying capacity of the planet. ICSE 2019 aims to aid the implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD) which is culturally-relevant, locally appropriate, occurring across national school education system.” 

Sustainability education is an untapped resource in addressing challenges related to the environment, climate change and sustainable development. Although there have been various efforts globally in this direction, still educators, as well as policy and decision-makers, have not yet fully utilized the potential of education to address these challenges.

About Mobius Foundation: It is a non-profit organization founded by Mr Pradip Burman promoting environmental sustainability through sustainable, relevant solutions that enable communities to break longstanding practices that are detrimental to human existence on Earth. It spearheads various educational programs in India, which include setting up a residential school in Coorg, Karnataka and a day school in Uttar Pradesh. It also promotes population stabilization and ecological conservation through Project Aakar and Project Sanjeevani.

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