Incredible Journey – Brands and Leaders Season 2 | Ayurvet Research Foundation

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Climate change, global warming and rising pollution levels are fast degrading our environment.

And the most effective and efficient way to curb this is Sustainability.

Sustainability in everything we do holds far greater significance today than it did a decade back. With countries across the globe facing major changes, unprecedented natural disasters and the current pandemic we face, it has become more imperative to switch to environment friendly practices.

To inculcate sustainability in farming and husbandry work, we have started an organisation called ‘Ayurvet Research Foundation’ in 1992. The organisation Utilised Ayurveda to elevate the problems faced by the animal population and introduce modern ways to uplift people at the bottom of the human pyramid.


Today, it is known as ‘Ayurvet Limited’ and has become a prominent name for utilising traditional knowledge with modern research in farming and related agricultural practices.

The organisation has helped more than 10,000 farmers yield benefits from the innovative research and modern technology. farmers yield benefits from research.

The journey has been truly incredible so far. And it is my delight to share that recently CNBC Awaaz has covered the work done by Ayurvet Limited in its show ‘Incredible Journey’ Season 2.

To learn more about our efforts to uplift the farming and husbandry sector and save the plight of animals, watch the video here: