How Mobius Foundation is helping people during COVID-19 crisis

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In times of great tribulation, when everyone has been subjected to their homes, livelihoods paused, more than 5 million sick and 350 thousand fatalities at hand- it seems as if ‘suffering doesn’t discriminate’.

Young, poor, rich, working, not working, everyone is battling this deadly disease in their own way. While we are all privileged enough to practice ‘isolation’, stay home and provide for ourselves in this time, for some the situation is much more ‘critical’. Stranded, homeless and hungry they are left roaming on the streets with very limited resources to live on, let alone have funds for adequate medical facilities, regular tests or precautionary equipment.

At this hour of need, Mobius Foundation is going beyond its ‘call of duty’ to unite and stand up in solidarity for all those who have been adversely affected by these circumstances. It is our sincere endeavour to uplift all those marginalized by providing them items of daily subsistence and essential utilities to prevent themselves. From extending our support to all those fighting the battle on the frontline to those deprived of basic amenities, Mobius Foundation is aiding sensitization of selected areas.

Donating 1 Crore to the PM care fund, the trust is presently engaged in providing humanitarian relief to Delhi NCR migrant workers by supplying over 28,000 food packs to construction workers.

We have partnered with Swiggy under a programme called ‘Hope not hunger’ which is working towards timely disbursement of food essential items such as flour, rice, pulses, oil, salt, sugar, potatoes, onions, spices, and soaps to the needy families. With their help, we have been able to provide 15 days ration to over 400 families of Hapur, Noida, Laksar, and over 1000 families in Barabanki and Sonipat.

We are also partaking in sanitization programs to help curb the further spread of Coronavirus by disinfecting roads, institutes, and crowded places of more than 20 villages of Sonipat & Panipat.

We have also extended support in distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs). Beyond the measures and initiatives that we have undertaken, Mobius Foundation has also offered support to NITI Aayog in augmenting communication efforts by creating awareness about prevention, curbing misinformation, promoting hygiene, isolation and social distancing, and combating stigma on the disease.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented time due to COVID-19. As a responsible organization, we are committed to aiding the marginalized section of the society in line with our vision to support the vulnerable community. This is our small step to augment the government efforts in this Crisis,” said Mr. Pradip Burman, Chairman, Mobius Foundation.

With the same line of thought, we also encourage others who are more privileged to do similar acts of kindness and help those ‘disempowered’ whenever and wherever possible.