Gram Chidana – A Village Adopted by Mr. Pradip Burman

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Mobius Foundation, under the aegis of Mr. Pradip Burman announced the launch of a mega initiative – Project Sanjeevani, as a part of its mission to create a Greener Haryana and launched a vermicompost factory at Village Chidana in Sonipat. His passion to work for the environment and society is driving initiatives like project Sanjeevani and states such as Haryana are benefiting from it immensely.

The Ayurvet Adarsh Gram was initiated back in 2015 to enhance the lifestyle of the villagers in Chidana. In collaboration with Mobius Foundation, solar street lights were installed in Chidana, a village adopted by Mr. Pradip Burman, at the Lord Shiva Gaushala, Shahpur near the biogas plant facility of SATHI.

The objective was to provide environment-friendly light facilities during power-cuts, to promote renewable energy among the visitors of gaushala. 2 toilets (separate for boys & girls) at Rajkiya Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Chidana and 3 toilets for BPL households were constructed in order to promote a clean environment and better hygiene for the students of Rajkiya Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Chidana and to provide security for women.

In addition, more than 400 students studying in classes from 9th to 12th in 3 schools of Chidana, and graduate students from 1 college were provided with training and skill development in food safety and natural farming practices. This included theoretical training, meetings with the experts from the Govt. department as well as Ayurvet and exposure visits for field demonstration. With the aim of spreading awareness on the harmful impact of using chemical fertilizers and benefits of organic farming, training was provided on different methods of organic farming and manure preparation.

About – Mr. Pradip Burman is the chairman of the Mobius Foundation and has till date initiated many environmental and societal welfare projects. He is a businessman, leader and environmentalist. The various projects that have or are still running under his valuable guidance are – Mobius Foundation, Sanat products limited, Ayurvet, Sundesh and Ages. These projects contribute in the fields of environment protection, society welfare & upliftment, ayurvedic medicines for animals and green energy solutions & sustainable energy.