Family planning programs led by Mobius Foundation

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In a country where the current population is over 132 crores, which accounts for at least 17% of the total world population, ‘family planning’ is arguably one of the most important issues we have to focus on hands down.

With the current challenges posed by the ever increasing birth rates, the deteriorating quality of life and the poverty line falling as low as Rs 38 for daily sustenance, it is no more about ‘population control’ but creating healthier and happier families.

In view of this, Mobius Foundation’s project Aakar is aligned with the already established initiatives for ‘population stabilization’ launched by the Government of India.
It is only through addressing the clearly pressing issues of ‘population control’ can we further move on to focusing on the pervading poverty status, the alarming rate wildlife extinction and the ever increasing carbon footprint.

The main objective of the project is to completely eradicate the lack of awareness and influence attitudes about contraceptives measures regarding ‘family planning’
The biggest challenge faced is the limited access to information and the taboos that dictate a person’s decision making process. For this reason alone the project has been largely geared towards rural communities.

Our means of communication combines short, engaging TVC, radio shows, celebrity endorsements, print and digital advertisements led by counsellors, influencers and recognised faces.
Additionally, Mobius Foundation’s local NGO partners are “Kartavya Shila Mahila Aevam Bal Vikas Sanstha” who aim to mobilize high potential groups and equip them with necessary resources to make an informed decision.

Laying emphasis on the already existing project, we have also spread awareness on ‘reproductive health rights’ and access to quality ‘family planning services and methods’.
From on-ground intervention programs, counselling sessions to encouraging tubectomy services, Mobius foundation has been operating on a grassroots level with increased effectiveness.

We are also running call centre services to provide free advice on ‘reproductive health, family planning, maternal health and child care’ for the welfare of the public.

We have successfully moved over from phase-I to phase-II, by increasing our networks reaching to district levels.
With a bird’s eye view of the larger picture, Mobius Foundation’s goal is not just limited to providing access to medical services but also to transform people’s mindsets for embracing these services as the ones ‘necessary’ for India’s growth and their own welfare.

Our continuous efforts have certainly made a mark, but the goal is far from being achieved.
Keeping our vision clear and partnering with the Ministry of health and family welfare and government of Uttar Pradesh, we are working with over 150 primary health care centers to distribute contraceptive kits and introducing couples counselling.
We are slowly bringing our vision to fruition.