Development of Ayurvet Adarsh Gram, Chidana

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Over the years India’s resilient rural villages have been trying to remain relevant and adapt to change without losing their valued traditions and skills that have survived down the ages. Since 2015, number of initiatives have been taken to improve the lives of villagers. SATHI has focused in areas of sanitation, drinking water, electricity, development of infrastructure in school and health care.

Development of Ayurvet Adarsh Gram- Chidana

Chidana is a village in Haryana, India adopted by Mr. Pradip Burman.
There are two major projects – Development of Ayurvet Adarsh Gram and Training and Skill Development that have been undertaken by Mobius Foundation to make the village more developed and sustainable. Following are the initiatives that have been taken for the development of Ayurvet Adarsh Gram Chidana:

  1. Installation of Solar street lights at Lord Shiva Gaushala, Shahpur near biogas plant facility of SATHI

    Objective- To provide environment friendly light facility during power cuts.
    Task Done- Installation of 4 solar street lights at Lord Shiva Gaushala, Shahpur
    Beneficiary-Workers of Lord Shiva Gaushala and Visitors
    Impact- Proper visibility during power cut.
              Promoting renewable energy among visitors of Gaushala
  2. Construction of separate toilets for boys and girls at Rajkeey Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Chidana and 3 toilets for BPL households

    Beneficiary– Students of Rajkeey Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Chidana
              Members of 3 BPL households
    Impact- Clean and hygienic environment
              Security for women
  3. Training & Skill development
    Training and skill development of school students in areas of food safety and natural farming practices.
    Objective- To train students of Chidana village on food safety and natural farming practices.
    Task Done- Theoretical training of 4 batches in schools
              Experts Meeting from govt department and Ayurvet
    Beneficiaries- More than 400 students from schools and colleges of Chidana.
              Govt. senior secondary school
              Sir Chotu Ram Middle School
              Shanti High School
              Sanskaar Group Of Institution
    Impact- Awareness on harmful impacts of using chemical fertilizers and benefits of organic farming.
              Training methods of organic farming and manure preparation
              Awareness on health and food safety
              Awareness on sustainable integration of agriculture and livestock for better farm profits, zero wastage, human and animal healthcare