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There are three types of courage. Physical, mental and emotional.

1. Physical courage:

You know this will be dangerous but you still do it. Like climbing Mt Everest, rescuing a dog trapped in a fire, or joining one of the armed forces.

2. Mental courage:

You have been dismissed from your job because the boss wants his nephew to take your place. You don’t go into a slump. You look for another job, until you get one. You know that you are Intelligent and have experience.

3. Emotional courage:

Your lover leaves you and takes up another; you find the person you most trusted, was scamming you. You shut the door on this, take it as a lesson, and carry on with your life.

This is the worst, most difficult, emotional courage. The death of a loved one. You mourn the loss, but you know everybody dies some time, including yourself.

Why is courage then needed for the sustainability of our planet ?

Air – Coal, diesel, petrol exhaust into the air, from factories and cars, increase in the concentration of CO2, leading to climate change, breathing disorders!

Water – Sewage, industrial effluents are not treated before they are put into rivers. Plastics are thrown into the sea destroying marine life !

Earth – Chemicals to grow food and another to stop insects that eat leaves and grains. The rain washes the chemicals into the earth where the roots are. Thus these poisons get into the grains we eat.

COURAGE, common sense, and transformative action are required to change the way we live, change our consumption patterns, for the survival of future generations.