5 Thousand Plants To Expand Green Cover Under Sanjeevani Project By Mobius Foundation

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In a bid to increase green cover in state, a mass tree plantation drive is to be undertaken by Mobius Foundation in collaboration with NGO Saathi on 7th of June. The project is to mark the occasion of World Environment Day, with the plantation of 5000 saplings around the villages of Sonepat and Panipat districts of Haryana.

Sanjeevani project is a part of many ecological conservation projects undertaken by Mobius Foundation towards environmental sustainability. As many as 150 personals including school students, youth, farmers, self-help groups, Kisan club members, officials of various government departments and NGO will take part in this plantation drive at ARF R&D Center of Chidana, Sonepat. The objective is to create awareness among students and farmers on benefits of planting trees to sustain the environment.

Mr.Pradip Burman, Founder of Mobius Foundation, says, “This is high time that serious efforts are made to reduce carbon emission to mitigate the effects of global climate change. With increase in population, environmental pollution is increasing day by day. On the occasion of World Environment Day, there cannot be a better contribution to Mother Earth then planting a tree. Trees contribute to our environment by providing oxygen, thus improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.”

“We will discuss current challenges of environment and their solutions along with the demonstration of sustainable technologies such as Vermicomposting, Biogas, Organic farming, Medicinal plant cultivation, Ayurvet Pro-Green Hydroponics Technology and herbal Products”, Mr. Pradip Burman adds.

With the objective of creating awareness Mobius Foundation has been spearheading various educational programmes around the country including a residential green school in Coorg, Karnataka and a Day School in Atrouli, Uttar Pradesh. In a world struggling with scarcity, the foundation believes that environmental conservation is the key to a better future and a greener planet. The project is supported by Mobius Foundation as a part of its ‘Community Sustainability Solutions Program’, implemented in partnership with NGO Saathi.

Since Independence, a fifth of India’s land has consistently been under forests. The population has increased more than three times since 1947, and from 1951-80, a total 42,380 sq km of forestland was diverted — some 62% of it for agriculture. And yet, the country’s forest cover continues to hover just over 20%. Mobius foundation appeals to all to participate in the event and contribute to tree plantation throughout this monsoon season. Let us make our farms greener and create sustainable ecosystems that can thrive and flourish to provide nourishment to the future generations. Adding tree plantation drives to the list of monsoon activities will not only add to the beauty of the farm, but will also motivate others to play an active role in environmental preservation.