Ayurvet Limited, where Ayur signifies life and Vet means veterinary, has been the stalwart in utilizing the goodness of herbals for the animals healthcare. It blends and synergizes its herbal knowledge of over one century with modern scientific and most efficient and advance technologies, giving out most efficacious and safe solutions. Its herbal range caters to a  variety of species viz., Cattle, Poultry, Pig, Aqua, companion animals & Equine and are proven solutions for health care needs of above animals with customer satisfaction.

Ayurvet commenced its operations in the year 1992 with the objective of utilizing the goodness of Ayurveda to help alleviate the problems of the animal population. Since its inception, innovation through intensive research has remained the driving force of the company as it strives  to prove the effectiveness, safety and sustainability of herbals in improving animal health and production.

Quality assurance is the key to achieve high customer satisfaction. Ayurvet’s activities stem from the firm conviction that the efficacy and quality of products is no accident or coincidence. Instead, it  can only come from a well thought-out, planned scientific approach to the collection of herbs, standardization of ingredients, processing of all the raw materials and scientific  packaging of formulations.

Recognising  the importance of nutrition in maintaining health, Ayurvet has also entered the promising area of animal nutrition with  the launch of a range of value-added, herbs-enriched quality Feed products. Ayurvet is the only company in India with a portfolio of both health-care and nutrition / feed products

Pradip Burman, Chairman, Ayurvet is committed to bringing Traditional Knowledge of Ayurveda to a scientific platform with the aid of Modern Research for the benefit of animals. For the health and productivity of animals and to promote those technologies that leave a friendly footprint on our planet. Ayurvet follows environment-friendly practices keeping in mind the effect on the ecology of the planet. It’s products are designed to meet new challenges which our modern lifestyle gives rise to and are standardised and scientifically evaluated for their safety and effectiveness. Ayurvet’s emphasis is on research and innovation.

Ayurvet works for a challenging and inspiring mission: “To be the leader in providing safe, dependable and environment-friendly solutions for animal health care